Viacom, ‘Decimated By Piracy,’ But Its CEO Got The Biggest Raise Of Any Exec Anywhere

We keep hearing about how “piracy” and the internet are somehow “destroying” the old legacy content players, but the evidence for that seems lacking…. especially in Hollywood. We already saw how Warner Bros. was cheering on its record-setting quarter, while complaining about how it just can’t compete with piracy. And now we’ve got reader Don, passing along the news that Viacom chief Philippe P. Dauman topped the charts for the exec with the biggest pay raise in 2010. His total pay was $84.5 million last year — a 148.6% raise on his previous year’s take home. Yes, that’s a $50 million raise. Admittedly, much of that comes from stock options, but still. Not bad for a company being “decimated” by kids in their basements on the internet, huh? Maybe Viacom was just so sure that it was going to win its $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube that it decided to pre-reward Dauman.

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